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portrait commissions

ImageCommissioned portraits are available with guaranteed satisfaciton. The process is simple and the results are impressive. The subject is first contacted and met to discuss the particulars of the painting. At a schelduled time and place the person "sits" for 20 minute poses over a two hour period. This is when a painting or drawings will be started and photographs will be taken. The painting is worked on without the model for some time at the Ray Harris Studio.

Next, an additional one or two one-hour sittings may be required to finish the paintings. This process is much the same for family portraits, although the members may be asked to only meet together as a group for the first session.

Price is determined by the size and time to execute the portrait. They range from $2000 for small paintings of individuals to $20,000 for large or family portraits. The paintings are framed with hand carved gold-leaf frame or you may decide to have it framed to work with you interior design at you home. In addition to this procedure, portraits may be done from photographs.

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